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Sat, Apr 08 2017 21:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Initial impressions of SQL Server v.Next Public Preview


Initial impressions of SQL Server v.Next Public Preview

SQL Server is from Microsoft, and has been running exclusively on Windows since the early 90s! However, with the increasing usage of cloud computing and wide adoption of Linux in data centers and cloud service providers, Microsoft has decided to bring SQL Server to Linux. In this session, I'll demonstrate how to set up and test SQL Server on Fedora/Red Hat and Ubuntu/Debian based systems. You'll gain practical insights on how to create your own SQL Server running on Linux and test its usage. I'll compare and contrast of its similarities and differences of SQL Server on these two vastly different operating systems. Come to my talk to keep abreast of this interesting development.

Haidong Ji is an experienced SQL Server and MySQL consultant, author of several SQL Server books, and an active speaker and participant in user groups and SQLSaturday events.





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